Requejo Consulting is a global management consulting firm providing expert advise on international business strategy. We partner with clients from private, public, and not-for public sectors on a global basis. Our mission is to address our client's global challenges as though they were our own, and in the process transform their international capabilities.



As trusted advisors, we, at Requejo, have a responsibility to maintain the highest of professional standards. We value long-term relationships with our clients, with our consultants and employees, with our suppliers and partners, We value integrity, creative thinking and practice. We believe in adaptation, and seek the best talent and leadership. We value the successful implementation of innovation.


Requejo's entire approach is premised on the efficient use of "knowledge economics". It works on the premise that critical information leads to a competitive advantage. As such, Requejo works under the rubric: "There is no such thing as international work. There is only interpersonal work done internationally". The understanding of culture at the national, organizational and individual levels is critical to Requejo's approach.


Our consultants are unique. They are carefully chosen and assigned to the client and under the supervision of senior management. They typically come from a variety of backgrounds. They provide perspectives that reflect degrees in engineering, humanities, philosophy, law and business. Many are ex-students that chose to follow non-traditional career paths and have subsequently developed deep knowledge and expertise in particular industries and functions. Others are generalists providing macro perspectives and ideas.