Industries / Capabilities


Requejo Consulting specializes in international work. It's primary focus is international expansion, strategic alliances, joint ventures, and advanced negotiations. We do this in a non-typical manner.


While Requejo knows it is capable of provoking innovative thought in most if not all industries, it does specialize in a few selective sectors. Here are some examples:


Oil / Gas

Specific expertise and knowledge working with large EPCs within strategic alliances and joint ventures.

Netherlands, Peru, Mexico, USA



International development of highly innovative cancer reference laboratory into Latin America. Including the capability to establish a strategic alliance with the largest hospital group in Latin America.


Renewable Energy

Specifically within wind and solar project development. Particular expertise in the land acquisition, management / operation, purchase agreement negotiations, technology assessment, and project financing.

Spain, USA


High Tech - Electronics

South East Asia development of GPS navigational systems involving interaction / strategic alliance with various governmental entities in

China and Vietnam

Real Estate / Resort Development

Remote resort development. Site selection, land acquisition and negotiation, development team selection within an isolated / remote venue.



High Tech - Entertainment

Innovative development of entertainment software platform for entertainment industry with corresponding strategic alliances in

US and Europe